The Enterprise focuses on the construction of Civil works and Electrical/mechanical projects in all levels of Public, Private, Military, Industrial and Sport works, as well as on restoration projects.

The company’s specialized and long-lasting know-how regarding the electrical/mechanical installations –a crucial sector of every public or private construction- with its ascertained quality, offers to its clients high functional and maintenance standards.

Furthermore, MECHANOLOGIKI HELLAS S.A. provides eminent maintenance services since 1978.

The expertise in construction of its professional and technical staff, plus the Greek market’s demand for reliable and well-organised maintenance services for electrical/mechanical installations in huge and medium sized buildings as well as in industrial constructions since 1989, led the company to a complete exploitation of its experienced personnel by creating an autonomous maintenance department dealing with electrical/mechanical installations and building constructions.

The cognition and experience in the operation and maintenance of electrical/ mechanical installations at all levels together with the high standard technology, gave to the enterprise the opportunity for growth and development. Offering high degree construction and supporting services, the company is strongly perceived as a specialist in installation of components, devices, instruments, electrical, electromechanical, pneumatic and electronic control systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning for commercial and industrial applications in Building, Automation and Energy management systems.